No job is too small

I provide translative work for your company, whatever the content might be. Contact me for an informal discussion about your needs, and let us find a solution.

Rule of thumb

Regardless of the size of the job, the rule of thumb is that the job is done and fully translated within a 5 day period. If the job is minor, there is a big possibility that I will be done beforehand – if this is the case, I will of course forward the work when done, not when the 5 day threshold has passed.

Minimum price

As stated, no job is too small to have translated. However, I do run my business with a minimum price of 395DKK. If you have multiple smaller jobs, I therefore recommend that you gather them all and send them through as one job.

Calculation of price

I believe in transparency and simplicity when doing business. I don’t run my business with any sign up fees, any administrative costs or any hidden costs. What you see is what you get.

>395 words @ 1,00 DKK = 395 DKK

1.000 words @ 1,00 DKK = 1.000 DKK

1.642 words @ 1,00 DKK = 1.642 DKK

2.500 words @ 1,00 DKK = 2.500 DKK