Getting content translated is often a very expensive undertaking for companies. Getting content translated from Danish or English to Chinese is often even more so, since the supply of translators speaking these three languages are generally very scarce.

This is where I can help. My mother tongue is Danish, and my English is developed to the point of fluency and has daily been used in professional and work related settings. My Chinese is not yet at this level, but it is nonetheless at an HSK5 level, which is the second highest level of Chinese examination attainable for a foreigner.

This is exactly why you are in luck. Many translating companies hire native translators so they can provide services that would require translating law documents or lengthy project contracts – while also being able to undertake smaller jobs, such as translating flyers or menu cards. Only problem is, they keep the price equal and only think of profits – even for the smaller jobs.

I think differently. I have a genuinely love for both Kingdoms, and I see this undertaking more as a bridge building project than merely profit. It will help me continually research and develop my language skills by providing a minor monetary incentive. What that means for you, is that you won’t find lower prices than what I provide. Textbook example of a win-win situation.