Videography – showcasing a playground

Short clips like this are part of the videography package that I deliver. These clips adds a new layer to your marketing, and the normal struggle of conveying the atmosphere of the surrounding neighborhood gets taken care of without having said a word. It gets the word across in a simple and easy manner.

Remember to play it in high quality.

Contact me if you have a property or other motives that you want showcased like this.


2 thoughts on “Videography – showcasing a playground

    • Hi Joan.
      What is in it for you is pictures of your house and a short videoclip like the one above, free of charge. If you have anything else in mind that you would like to get out of it, please let me know and we can have a talk about it. If you are home when I come by, I can hopefully also offer a good talk and a quick smile :o)

      I offer this because I want to expand my portfolio with something else than playgrounds, i.e. I want to showcase my skills on something more relevant to my field of interest. In relation to risk, there really isn’t any. I’ve flown this drone for hours on end, and I have yet to crash. Nevertheless, a Letter of Engagement will be presented to you, and by signing the letter you free yourself of any potential risks if I were to crash and destroy something. I fully understand the necessity for this, but to be honest, given the fact that the drone only weights a bit over 1kg, chances are that if it hits something it’s the drone that gets destroyed – not whatever it hits.

      If you are still interested, I would suggest that we continue the talk over e-mail. I will send you a copy of the Letter of Engagement for you to read as well –

      Best regards
      Mathias Kjeldsen


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