What to pack?

I finally got around to buying the plain ticket. That means that I am actually leaving my life as I know it within a couple of weeks. 1st of August is when I’ll leave. I’ll be going from Copenhagen -> Doha -> Melbourne. And I will be staying there for a year – if not two.

Skærmbillede 2017-07-12 kl. 15.12.09

My initial intentions was actually to go to Adelaide (a bit west of Melbourne), but giving the fact that the plain ticket directly to Melbourne was 1/3 cheaper, the economist in me came up, and I convinced myself that I can always find time to either fly or drive to Adelaide once I’m in Australia. Again, I got a year down there anyway, so it shouldn’t really be a problem.

Circling back to the headline; what do you pack for a trip like this? I feel that it will be so easy, but the fact that it will be so easy is actually kind of scary. I have a tendency to delimit physical attachments to items (and people), why I don’t really have a problem with leaving most of my stuff behind – or selling it for that matter. As for limitations, I know that I got 30kg to work with, since that is what Qatar Airlines allows you to bring with you as hand baggage – and this is where the scary feeling comes into perspective. The thought of packing everything you need for a year or two into a backpack weighing less than 30kg is kind of absurd – but on the other hand, looking around my apartment, it shouldn’t really be a problem. I could honestly pack that bag in 15 minutes.

As for what should be included in the backpack, a few items should be pointed out. I wouldn’t want to travel without my weightlifting shoes. They have to come. I cannot envision myself not working out for a whole year, so bringing those along are already written in stone. I also know that I will bring my computer, my external harddrive and my powerbank. I’m not a millennial for fun you know. An international driver’s license, passport, wallet, phone and a book should also be packed I guess. Besides that all I need is some clothes – and apparently not only shorts and t-shirts, since Australia is experiencing “winter” right now. I had a guy from Siemens tell me that I should pack my winter jacket, so I wouldn’t be cold. I think he forgot that I am Danish, and that I have been experiencing winter for an aggregate of 22 years of my now 24 year old soul. I think I can handle whatever Australians call winter. I might actually just pack shorts for the heck of it – how cold can it be.

I don’t know where I’m going, but I’m on my way.
– Carl Sandburg


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