Chinese tourists in Nordic Cities

According to VisitDenmarks 2017 report on Chinese tourists visiting the Nordic cities,  79% of the bed nights booked in Denmark were in 2016 booked in or around the Greater Copenhagen area (“Region Hovedstaden”). Out of 198.000 bed nights booked in Denmark in total, 156.000 of them was booked in Copenhagen.

Skærmbillede 2019-02-11 kl. 10.51.11.png

With a staggering 288mio DKK used by the Chinese tourists in 2016, a lot of this is obviously spent in Copenhagen. And a lot more will be spent in the future, as everything indicates that the growth rates upon which the Chinese tourists decides to visit our small Kingdom only seems to continue to increase. The 156.000 bed nights booked in Copenhagen was a staggering 19,6% increase from the year before.

With increasing amounts of Chinese tourists visiting our Kingdom, being a first mover in your industry to cater towards their needs will undoubtedly bring extra business along with it. Chinese tourists are furthermore known for their extravagant spending habits while being abroad, as is seen on the chart below. Not only are their spending habits the highest ranked worldwide by nationality, they are also steadily increasing.

Skærmbillede 2019-02-11 kl. 11.04.01.png

If you are debating whether it would be beneficial for your company to cater for the Chinese tourists, if you are wondering if your whole employee staff needs to learn Mandarin or if you are debating whether or not mobile payment solutions would be worth the investment in an attempt to attract more Chinese clientele, feel free to either shift through my other research articles, or contact me for a non-binding and free chat.