I genuinely enjoy reading books. As a matter of fact, it was only last summer that I set myself up for a bit of a challenge in the summer holiday. I documented it all on my Instagram profile matkjeldsen. Since I already, back then, had started my savings for my now immiment travel adventure, I didn’t go abroad and enjoyed the holiday – I merely locked myself in my apartment and read throughout most of the summer. The challenge was simple and straightforward – just read for 100 days straight. First day I would read (as a minimum) 1 page, day two I would read 2 pages, day three I would read 3 pages … until I reached the final day, where I would read 100 pages. I posted a picture everyday to hold myself accountable (I later deleted every update except 1, 10, 20, 30 etc), and I can honestly say that I didn’t miss one day nor one page.

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100 updates, 23 books and 6100 pages later.

I genuinely enjoy reading books. I think you need to feel this way at least to some degree, if you want to study at the university for 5 years. It should be a well known fact that a big prerequisite for passing studies is rooted in your ability to read and understand tons and tons of pages through countless of books. Through my studies I must have read thousands of pages in both marketing, management, business, economy or law – all read and understood, and most of it probably forgotten again.

Or, forgotten is such as strong word. I believe the pages I have read are stored inside my brain somewhere, and that they are detractable if necessary. The brain is truly a weird size. I remember after every semester I passed, I felt like I erased my brains harddrive thus enabling me to fit a whole new semester worth of studies inside it – but looking back I can see that I didn’t erase it – I merely build on top of my understanding and moved forward from that outlook. Beginning my Master’s studies, I couldn’t tell you what book I read on my first semester, what was in it or who my teacher was, but looking at it from the opposite perspective, I know that it would have been impossible for me to start – or at least finish – my Master’s degree without the understanding and knowledge that I had obtained through my studies at my bachelor’s degree. Safely stored rather than erased would therefore probably be a better description of all the pages I read through my studies and in my sparetime.

I cannot remember the books I’ve read any more than the meals that I have eaten; even so, they have made me.
– Ralph Waldo Emerson

I embrace the solitude that books give me, and I envision this section to expand over time as I gradually read more and more books, articles and shortstories. You are more than welcome to shift through my posts to see what I feel about the different books that I’ve read.


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