My name is Mathias. I’ve been in school since I can remember, and the last five years I have been studying at the University of Southern Denmark, thus finishing my MSc. in International Business and Law in the summer of 2017. Before I end up settling down with a full time job, I want to travel the world, test my limits, see new places of the world and breathe every experience in. I want to expand my atlas. I want to travel to distant places of the world, and I want to expand my perception of the world and all it has to offer.

To challenge myself and my normal “habit and routine” based life, I made it a priority to plan as few things as possible before I leave. Whether I come back two months after leaving, two years or never, I honestly can’t tell you.

This page will act as a cluster for all my experiences and journeys that I will undergo while traveling around the World.

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