2019 Expectations

2019 indicates a continuation of the positive influx of Chinese tourism growth. This is nothing new, since the presence of Chinese tourists have been on the rise every year since organisations started collecting data on it.

Disclaimer: when talking tourisms, one does not refer to the number of actual tourists, but rather the number of booked bed nights. This article and the numbers contained in it thus refers to the number of booked bed nights, not the number of actual tourists.

From 2009, every year except 2013/14 have been experiencing year-on-year growth in the double digits. Biggest growth year was from 2011/12, where the growth skyrocketed and hit 35,3%. From 2013/14 the growth was 5,9%. Though the year-on-year growth rates have variable percentage jumps, the overall trends is hard to misunderstand.


*Source: Danmarks statistik & VisitDenmark

The forecast has been calculated on the latest available predictions as provided by VisitDenmark. One thing worth noting in this relation, is that their forecast for the imminent future was published mid 2018. This is relevant, since their forecast thus wasn’t build on the recent opening of two extra direct flight routes from China to Copenhagen. 2018 has without a doubt been a good year in terms of catering for the Chinese tourists. At the beginning of 2018, Copenhagen Airport only provided 2 direct flights to and from China, but with 2 new flight routes opening up in May, another one in October and yet another on in December, 2018 thus ended with 6 direct flight routes to and from the Middle Kingdom.


*Headline reads: Number of outgoing seats on direct routes from CPH to China/Hong Kong
**Source: http://www.cph.dk

Analysing these numbers, it shows that the capacity for direct carry has experienced a 230% growth in a 5 year period. As basic economy indicates, supply often corresponds to a similar demand, which indicates a welcoming – and unprecedented – influx of Chinese tourists. The fact that CPH Airport has invested in so many new direct routes also indicates the degree of seriousness behind the wish to push and cater these tourists. It is neither a secret that Chinese tourists spending habits are ranked as #1 worldwide – all indicating positive growth for the business and companies that decides to get in on the action.