Exploring an abandoned Fun Park

I always had a need to explore. A need to open every door in front of me to see what’s on the other side. It has always been important for me to see it myself – it wasn’t enough just to hear a story about it. The story might spark an interest in me to go explore it myself, but it was never satisfying enough just to hear about it.

Sometimes opening doors into the unknown takes courage. Sometimes what’s on the other side of the door is exactly what you expect, and sometimes it’s so wildly disturbing that it might change your perception of the world as you know it. Sometimes you open a door or discover something you rather wouldn’t have seen or known existed. Sometimes opening a door to the unknown makes your mind work on overtime to comprehend what you just saw or realized. A perfect example for this is when I opened the door to a freezer compartment containing human parts for the medicine students in the second level basement of the university that I studied at. That door should have been closed. That door should definitely have been closed. I should not have looked. But I did. So that cold sterilized grey/silverish room with human legs floating around in fluid chambers for student to cut open and look inside is something I now have stuck in my mind. I understand that it probably isn’t anything out of the ordinary for a student of medicine – I heard they eat lunch around body parts – but when I opened the door it was around 02:00 a Friday night, I was afraid of being spotted by security, I knew I wasn’t allowed to walk around there (someone forgot to lock several doors), and I had never seen a dead body part. That shit scarred me for life.

We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we’re curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths.
– Walt Disney

Exploring old and abandoned places is like the grown-up way of opening the closet as a child to realize that no monster is hiding on the other side. It takes courage, but when it’s all said and done you’ve grown as a human and now know that your pre-owned limitations were only perceptual. Unless you see a clown with a chainsaw running around the park or something like that. Then God have mercy on your soul I guess.

Yesterday I explored an abandoned place. It used to be an old Fun Park, but it went bankrupt in 2007 and was therefore abandoned – with basically everything intact. New owners actually bought the place in 2008 – owners who wanted to reinvent the park with a H.C. Andersen theme (Denmark’s most famous author and poet), but when the financial crisis hit late 2008, money turned scarce, investors ran away and the dream crumbled. The owners – having already spent 15 million (DKK) on it – still hope to build a theme park, but until that happens it is open for people to wander around, explore and spike their curiosity.

The clip above shows a glimpse of the park and is less than 1 minute long so that I could post it on my Instagram profile. The clip is short, but I hope that it sparks an interest in you to go visit yourself. If you visit, please leave it as it was when you came. Every single window or glass surface has already been destroyed by degenerates – there is no need to further destroy the park.

Have you ever visited Fun Park Fyn before – either when it was open or after it closed? Or have you visited other abandoned places before? I would love to hear stories and see some footage of it.


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