What do you do when you are on vacation?

Having finished my education and quit my job ultimo June, I have been enjoying the danish summer throughout July. That has included a lot of working out, a bit of tanning in the sun, a fair amount of hanging out with the guys and last but not least a bit of going insane because I seemingly doesn’t know how to calm down and enjoy a vacation. It took me a week to be bored out of my mind, which was actually around the time I started really working on this project. It might be a flaw in my personality to not be able to wire down and relax, but being 24 years of age I don’t really think much of it. I can work from sunrise to sunset without being bothered.

I found, while shifting through blogs and websites on WordPress, that the majority of people only write text. Luckily, a fair amount of people implement pictures to their posts, which eases the reading and enables the reader to put themselves somewhat in the writers position. What I haven’t found is the implementation of videos. Done correctly, I believe the use of videos enables the reader/viewer to grasp the writers/editors thoughts much easier.

I see myself as a storyteller. Everybody is, but some are good at it, and some are bad at it. I’ve been storytelling through the use of Instagram since they started implementing their storymode, and before that I was lit on Snapchat (yea boii). I love it. I sometimes spend hours on end filming timelapses that I speed up and cut down to last the maximum of 15 seconds to Instagram.

I recently started filming and editing. I’ve always liked to film and shoot pictures, but the majority has been clips for Snapchat or Instagram – i.e. 10-15 second videos. Due to my boredom of having vacation, I recently started shooting clips and editing them to make something that’s actually viewable for the general public. Something that lasts for more than 15 seconds.

Circling back to the clickbait headline, I was recently introduced to a place in Odense (one of the biggest cities in Denmark) where it was actually quiet. Living in an apartment a stone’s throw away from the walking street and another stone’s throw away from the train station, peace and quiet is a rare commodity. The fact that the place was a cemetery doesn’t matter – it only seemed to quiet it down even more. Nobody was playing loud music and drinking (as is done everywhere else where there is a green patch of grass in Odense), and the many trees and bushes seemed to quiet down the noise from the nearby roads. Truly a paradise hidden in plain sight – a paradise I’ve been visiting almost every other day since I was introduced to it.

Do you know other blogs that implement videos in their stories – and do you like that form of engagement/visual presentation of the authors perception? Or do you prefer just plain text?

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