What is this?

To start off in a proper manner, I would like to formally introduce myself. My name is Mathias. So hi everybody reading this. I live in Denmark, currently in one of the major cities that we have here called Odense. I am currently 24 years old, and I am a student of social science at the University of Southern Denmark. Within a couple of months after writing this (this being March) I will have finished my MSc. in International Business and Law – and then what?

Yes then what? What am I going to do after I finish my studies? Well I’ve been employed as a student worker by Siemens Wind Power for more than a year now, and my manager jokingly asked me the other day where in the organization I wanted to go once I finished my studies, i.e.  if I wanted to stay with her or if she should search for other departments within the organization that could be of interest to me. She basically said I had a full time job waiting for me once I finished my studies, so of course I should thank her and accept her proposal. Of course I should do the thing that is expected of me. I’ve done that my whole life, so why change? On the face of it, I always did the right thing. I studied hard, worked hard, educated myself, kept myself physically active. All that bullshit. Actually its not bullshit – I found joy in all aspects of what I did. My whole family has always adored me to the point of near nausea. No offense to anybody, I know you meant well. Everybody has had problems, but I seemingly never had any problems. Class A student with the student job made of dreams is how I have been portrayed – at least in my family. I am set for a perfect start of my adulthood. Get a stable job with a stable income, get a house, get a dog, get a white picket fence, get a car, think about getting a girlfriend, reconsider and disregard the last bit and then die. Act like the rest of the herd. Right? So why did I fucking stutter when my manager asked me, and why did I end up turning her down?

Because I am bored. I get bored so easy. And because of this, I am scared of accepting a full time job. I’m scared of settling. Finding my place in society and then all of a sudden 10 years has gone by, and nothing new has happened. If it was not because of boredom, why else would I start learning Russian, solve Rubiks Cubes and read until I can’t see the letters in the book anymore? Especially the Russian part. I am not even planning on going to Russia. Honestly, I’m siting here smiling, because I realize that it makes no sense whatsoever. I currently know more Russian than German, and I had German courses for three years in elementary school and two years in high school. And the Russian I learned is all thanks to one of my colleagues whom I have disturbed endless amount of times over the last year, just so she could learn me a new Russian word or phrase. It’s weird, I know.

So what am I planning on doing instead?
Something that involves traveling, is what I’m going to do. I feel trapped. I feel that I haven’t seen what the world has to offer. And I honestly haven’t. I lived in a silo for the last 5 years, being cooped up in either the gym, work, my apartment or the University. In that time I efficiently changed my perception of the world, adapted whatever needed daily schemes and routines to maximize whatever output I sought after, in either of these aspects of my life. And it worked – no doubt. I have been a boring prick, who minimized social relations that didn’t in one way or another help me achieve what I had in sight. Being an economist by heart, I never gave the thought of having a girlfriend any considerations, since; a) it would be a bad investment from a financial perspective; and b) my goals would not align with any other persons. I have two friends, and these relations are set in stone. That’s all I need, and all I ever needed.

The grand plan
So what does my plan entail? It entails visiting five countries and climbing Kilimanjaro. That’s what I have right now. These things stems from a list of goals that I scribbled down late December 2016. Goals that I had to achieve in the imminent year ∼ 2017. Having already been to Norway with my place of employment yearlier this year, and the fact that I will go to UK in a week with work as well, the five countries shouldn’t be a problem. Neither should Kilimanjaro for that matter. Can’t be that hard can it?
Since I created this page, I have been giving this trip of mine more and more thought, and I realized that I have to plan it more than initially expected. I thought I could just book a trip to wherever, and stay there until I got tired of it, and then move on. In the words of my colleagues apparently I’m ignorant in this respect.

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