Building bridges between Kingdoms

Foreseeing the increasing importance of China as a global geopolitical power, and having always been fascinated by their culture, I decided to venture to Beijing and study Chinese Mandarin in the beginning of 2018.

Having just returned back home to Denmark, my wish is to apply my understanding and knowledge of the language to help you cater for the increasing amount of Chinese tourists that enter into Denmark.

As a way to do this, I provide multiple services:

  1. Translative work (menu cards, content, flyers)
  2. Consult about rising trends from the Middle Kingdom
  3. Help implement mobile payment systems such as WeChat and AliPay
  4. Everything else in relation to China. My network towards China is big, if you have a task I can’t lift I might just know the person.

To get a better understanding of why I think catering to the Chinese tourist can heighten your revenue, please head over to the Research section, where I lay out recent research that all shows trends towards the same thing: Chinese tourists are multiplying, more and more of these venture to Denmark, their spending habits are rising, and a lot of them indicate the wish for simpler payment methods, i.e. mobile payment platforms such as WeChat and AliPay.

Is your business ready?